Episode 16: End to end product development expertise with a food scientist

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Natalie Alibrandi, a food scientist who gets products ready for market, outlines what you need to hone to take your food and drink product idea to full commercialisation, including executing a formula that’s ready for a retail launch and a formulation that will continue to serve your needs as your demand grows and your business scales up.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. Getting the right technical formulation for your product;
  2. Ensuring your product’s packaging is compliant;
  3. Scoping suppliers, including co-packers, that are right for your needs;
  4. Shelf life requirements, including analytical and organoleptic testing;
  5. What to include in a consumer complaint system so you’re retail ready; and
  6. Supply chain management expertise so as you scale you build a solid end-to-end value chain.

Natalie’s insights and experience as a food scientist and consultant will help you cut the right corners and avoid the typical formulation and packaging mistakes.


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