Episode 14: Distributors, what you need to know before you approach one.

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I talk with Tara Mei in this episode about distributors and what you need to know before you approach one. Tara is the co-founder of the UK’s largest community of food and drink founders, Bread & Jam; and the founder of Mahalo Supplies, a distributor of emerging brands to the specialty independent sector across the UK. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. How to successfully get shared sales data with a distributor – who are often cagey about these things;
  2. What it means to build a triangular partnership with a distributor and a retailer;
  3. What signing exclusivity deals means for your brand; and
  4. How to price for retail when using a distributor and accounting for their margins.

This episode is a game changer, if you’re tired of doing everything yourself, including all the logistics, do not miss listening to this episode!

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If you haven’t listened to episode 13 (40 mins), You need sales but you’re a one-woman band, where I coach a Foodpreneurs Formula® member, Shannon, on how to make more sales when it’s hard to do so because she’s doing absolutely everything in her distillery business, listen here.

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