Food safety might not be the first thing you think of when creating your product, that is until something happens in the marketplace due to your product! Eeeekkkk… that’s why it’s super important to be across the facts.

“Adopting good food safety and quality systems are part of an essential hygiene practice for food and drink businesses. Most importantly, however, they can be a requirement of the Food Standards Code and the law of your State. Any practice that is foolproof and is easy to implement is vitally important because it will help you stay on the right side of the law” says Chelsea Ford, Founder Females in Food.

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How can you tell if your food and ingredients are within their use-by date?

When exactly does a fresh batch turn into a stale batch?

We all know that judging by sight and smell alone is too risky. But now there’s a better way to safeguard your customer’s health and your business’s reputation: Avery Food Rotation Labels.

Food Freshness Solutions for Your Commercial Kitchen

  • A whole range of pre-printed labels to make food prep easier
  • Add a Day of the Week sticker to track freshness at a glance
  • Suitable for both plastic and glass containers
  • Ideal for pantry, shelf or fridge
  • An essential part of your food safety routine


Get the Facts on the High Cost of Food Poisoning

  • 4 million cases in Australia each year
  • 120 deaths
  • 2 million doctor visits
  • 300,000 prescriptions for antibiotics
  • 1 million days of lost work.

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If you’re producing a food or beverage product, you must find out about Food Freshness Solutions because the costs of food poisoning is wAAAy higher than you’d guess and something you do not want to risk.