Let’s face it, it’s a tough gig.

Doesn’t matter if you ‘make it, take it, bake it or shake it’ working in the food and beverage industry is not an easy ride.

Even if we’re surrounded by a brigade of chefs, a revolving door of suppliers or an ever growing number of emails – it can still get damn lonely.

  • Do you have someone to bounce ideas off?
  • Do you have someone who can help you through the tough times, and just as importantly help you celebrate the wins (no matter how small)?

Even if you have the most amazingly supportive husband / partner / mum / sister / best friend…unless they are living and breathing the industry or building a business just like you, they’ll never truly understand.

Loneliness (even when sometimes surrounded by people)  can often be a downer to any creativity a small business needs – you can have the best idea, be the most passionate person about your product or service, but if you don’t have someone to run things past, the feelings of frustration and ‘no one understands’ remain. It becomes very difficult to keep showing up and doing your best work.

So what do you do to combat the loneliness and frustration?

  • Do you actively seek out other business owners in similar situations?
  • Are you a member of networking groups or business associations?
  • Do you attend industry events?
  • Do you read relevant articles or blogs to help you feel connected?

…you know what – this is exactly why Females in Food was created. A place for inspiration, connection and learning where you never need to feel lonely again and everyone here is in the same boat and knows what you’re going through.

Now isn’t that something to smile about!

Chelsea & the Females in Food Team

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