Land more stockists, get product in more consumers' hands and put more money in your pocket - all the elements you need to scale your packaged food and drink business.

Join the 440+ women who have completed Chelsea Ford's award-winning coaching program, Foodpreneurs Formula, and are now well on their way to living life on their terms.


Feel calmer and more confident navigating your way through the F&D industry: everything from production to profit and sales to scale.


Land more stockists


Get more products in consumer hands

Put more money in your pocket for every food & drink product you sell

Is this you?   

  • Fearful of pitching to stockists or sounding 'salesy'. 
  • Unclear what margins wholesale buyers want or need.
  • Tired of distributors not doing what you thought they would, and should, do.
  • Fatigued by all the sourcing, making, marketing, selling and money juggling.
  • Exhausted by doing it all yourself - losing sleep and quality time with those you love.
  • Not seeing enough money go into your pocket so you can grow and scale your business.

Things need to change - because having greater impact with your product and taking home more of the profit is what you’re in it for, right? 

What you need is...


The A to Z of how to exist (and thrive!) in this tough industry and exactly how to sell a packaged food & drink product.


The script for what to say to a buyer in your sales pitch and the confidence to go ahead and win the account.


The know-how of what’s possible when you’re ready to scale, and what’s a complete waste of time and money.


Someone in your corner cheering you on and, from time-to-time, giving you some tough love to keep you accountable to your goals.


Expert guidance from someone who knows what the consequences will be when you pull a certain lever, like firing a distributor, and what you should do next.


A pathway to follow to confidently navigate issues with big retailers, like overdue invoices and product recalls, because they do happen. 


It’s possible to free yourself up with a bespoke scale plan - no matter how tough it feels for you right now.

All it takes is…



Adopting tips and tricks to cut through all the noise in the competitive marketplace



Knowing the role of a buyer, how they make their decisions and how to get them to a ‘yes’



Knowing what to say to a buyer, and how to say it, to get more accounts



Pricing your product so it's not priced out of the market or requiring you to bring on investors

Available in

Foodpreneurs Formula Coaching Program

  • An expertly curated 8 week group coaching program designed to help you scale your business, put more money in your pocket and live life on your terms.
  • Knowledge shared from my 30 years in the food and drink industry using the tools and techniques developed during my time as a former 'big food' sales director and university-qualified coach.
  • Transforming the lives of women in a safe and supportive environment where no question is too small and 'life' is understood.

"A sales formula for food and drink packaged products, with a margin management framework, is the only way to get on more shelves; get product into more consumers' hands; and put more money in your pocket for every food and drink product you sell."

- Chelsea Ford, Founder Females in Food®

The Results Speak For Themselves


Sarjesa Inc.

Alexandra Sangster

Chelsea is an incredible coach. Not only does she have many industry connections and insights, but her coaching comes from a place of data analysis. It has been really interesting to learn from her and also see her curriculum get adjusted from time to time based on what she is learning from data and experts. I think that is the mark of a great coach, someone who is always learning.


Danny Balboa's Sauce Co.

Natalie Harris

Since working with Chelsea our business has seen so much positive change. We now have structure and focus, and a much clearer idea of what we want and how to achieve it.

Before working with Chelsea I had this very vague notion of success and what it meant to me, Chelsea actually helped me make ‘success’ a concrete and achievable goal that we are steadily moving towards.

I feel confident and knowledgeable in a way I never did in the first years of our business.

Lisa Ormenyessy OMGHEE


Lisa Ormenyessy

I really enjoy Females in Food® Community. I find I think about my business in more specific ways with group coaching with Chelsea, & I love connecting with other like-minded foodpreneurs experiencing a similar journey to my own. It takes a village to raise a business!

Ready to change your life too?


Here's some of what you'll learn over the 8 weeks...

Module 1

Industry know-how: positioning in a competitive market.

Discover tips and tricks to cut through all the noise in the competitive marketplace.

  • Move away from not knowing the true underbelly of the industry and find out what it takes to truly succeed.
  • Get a 360’ view of what techniques you must adopt, and what language you need to speak, to get your foot in the door with stockists.

Module 2

Buyer behaviour: motivations and measures.

Know the role of a buyer, how they make their decisions and how to get them to a ‘yes’.

  • What buyers are looking for. 
  • Buyer types and what motivates them.
  • How a stockist likes to trade.
  • How to turn a buyers ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ and how to stop getting ‘ghosted’.

Module 3

Product pitch: land more stockists.

Know what to say to a buyer and how to say it to get more accounts.

  • How to approach a buyer.
  • What to say when you don’t want to sound salesy.
  • Emailing cold leads - what to write and what to include.
  • What should be in your pitch deck.
  • Your starter offer.

Module 4

Sales planning: get on more shelves.

Wholesale sales success for the non-sales person.

  • What to do when the idea of sales and selling makes you anxious.
  • What to prepare for a sales meeting, in person or virtually.
  • What to say when a stockist says ‘no’ or ‘no for now’.
  • Sales formula for doubling your revenue in the next 12 months.
  • How to hold yourself to account to reach your number of target stockists.

Module 5

Off the shelf: more products in more consumers’ hands.

Getting on the shelf is the end of the beginning phase. How do you ensure your product moves off the shelf (bricks & mortar or virtual)?

  • Your typical consumer is not who you think they are.
  • What do your target consumers really think of your brand? And why you should care.
  • Marketing is expensive; what to do and when, without breaking the bank.

Module 6

Money in your pocket: make the most of every food and drink product sold.

Making money in food and drink is hard. Put more money in your pocket without pricing your product out of the market or bringing on investors.

  • What your prices should be.
  • A sustainable profit formula.
  • Retailer margins.
  • Pricing backwards.

Module 7

Distribution: extending sales capacity and reach.

How distributors work and why they can disappoint you.

  • How a distributor goes to market.
  • Why a distributor won’t take your brand on and how the conversation normally goes. 
  • Distributor margins.
  • Managing expectations to maximise sales.

Module 8

Growth strategies: scaling in a tough industry.

Free yourself up with a bespoke business plan to live life on your terms.

  • Ground zero - what does now look like for you.
  • Where do you want your business to be in 12 months from now? 
  • What does the gap look like? 
  • What's your number? 
  • What should you spend your resources on?


  • Women's Leadership: Withstanding The Knockbacks & Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Stand Out On Shelf: Expert Packaging Design Tips & Know-How
  • Finding Efficiencies In Your Business So You Can Take A Holiday

Ready To Scale?

And here's what some other women have said about working with me...

Martine Eveille Summer Hill Pantry

Summer Hill Pantry

Martine Eveille

Chelsea is helping elevate my thinking and work to a new level of professionalism. I’m thinking more commercially and acting more deliberately because of what I have learnt in the few short months since joining the Foodpreneurs Formula. The program is action oriented, concise and direct, add to that the community is supportive, empathetic and generous. If you’re looking for clarity and direction for your business with a group of brilliant people all cheering for you, you’ve found it.

Claire MacDonald Coast n Smoke

Coast 'n' Smoke

Claire MacDonald

I am a passionate foodie and creator but my knowledge of food businesses and retail in particular was lacking. Chelsea and Foodpreneurs Formula are the missing jigsaw piece that have helped complete my business. Chelsea’s knowledge, the course material she has created and the community of the females in food members is second to none. I look forward to our coaching calls and am excited at the progress I am making personally and also that the business is making.

Leanne Rogers Vinofood


Leanne Rogers

Being a part of the Foodpreneur Coaching Program with Chelsea Ford has been a game-changer. From a business perspective it's helped me develop strategies to grow that are clear, focused & results driven. The group coaching calls, Chelsea’s expertise & the support materials have been truly valuable.

My Guarantee: if you’re struggling with something, or have a question to ask, you ask that question in the coaching session and I will work with you until you get it. I won’t leave you hanging. If you can’t make the live coaching session, put the question in The Foodpreneur Coach, private member group and I’ll answer it for you either live on the coaching call, or in the member group. If you can’t attend a live coaching session, you can catch the replay saved in The Hub (online learning portal). You’ll also find the support from other members extremely valuable. They’re in the trenches doing it too. Group coaching is, on many levels, a far better platform for learning than 1:1 because of the breadth of knowledge you gain and experience shared.

Wow Week Customer Attraction

Meet your coach.

Hey there, I'm Chelsea.

Foodpreneurs come to me to help them scale and put more money in their pocket.

My role in the world is to help women with speciality packaged food and drink brands live life on their terms. To help them with their fears around speaking to buyers, making sales and making money.

You know that heart palpitating feeling when you move from selling your product at the markets to selling to someone behind a desk, like a wholesale buyer? When you’re overthinking what to include in your pitch because you’ve got an opportunity but you’re not sure what the buyer wants, let alone needs, to hear? Or when you're freaking out because the dust is getting thicker on your packaging as it sits on the shelf? Or when you’ve landed a big opportunity to supply an account but don’t have the funds for the production needed to fulfil the first order?

Think of me as a thirst quenching seltzer to your sales efforts to build a viable packaged food and drink business.

Can’t relate?

Okay. Well I’m widely considered a food and drink industry expert. I’m also an award-winning business coach, and a gold-plated foodie that has wanted to see change in the packaged food industry since I started 30 years ago. For me, it’s about advocating for the new wave of women wanting to have a greater impact with their products and take home more of the profit.

Sound good?

Great. Above all else my #1 mission is putting more money in your pocket so you live life on your terms.

Isn't it time you lived life on your terms?


It's time for you to make one of two choices:

  • Choose to do nothing. And, as you already know, if you choose nothing... then nothing changes. OR
  • Start to write a scale story for yourself because you know you want to change the way you operate - whether that's staying accountable to your sales goals, landing more accounts, or just finally being able to have the kind of impact with your food and drink products that your heart desires.



Both options give you...

  • Weekly group coaching calls x 8 via Zoom (valued at $2,364).
  • 12-month open invitation to all coaching sessions (in case life gets in the way), including subsequent cohorts, and all the content in The Hub (member learning portal) with workbooks, checklists, calculators and concise video tutorials (valued at $7,092).
  • Access to our private women-only member group, The Foodpreneur Coach, for the lifetime of the program. Here you'll learn from the experience of other foodpreneurs and be a part of the genuinely celebrated member camaraderie (valued at priceless).
  • 'Hot Seat' opportunities during each weekly coaching call where I work with you (or a fellow foodpreneur) to solve a pesky problem that needs 1:1 expert guidance - a seriously fun and valuable part of the program that alumnae rave about (valued at $1500).
  • Access to a food and drink industry expert and former big food sales director.
  • Expert coaching and mentoring techniques.
  • Access to other industry experts’ know-how and resources.
  • Detailed packaged food & drink knowledge all in the one place.

Doors are closed while we work with our current cohort. Join the waitlist to be the first to register when doors open for our next round.

Ready to live life on your terms too?


We've got A's for your Q's

1. What makes Foodpreneurs Formula members more successful than students of other programs?

It's a combination of how we've crafted the program specifically for women with food and drink packaged products and my depth of industry and coaching experience.

We’ve thoughtfully curated lessons based on actual industry experience, the way I know women, and the way I have designed the program to take you from a mindset that says ‘I hate sales’ all the way through to putting more money in your pocket for every food and drink product you sell. It's also the bespoke coaching format I’ve designed for foodpreneurs to ensure you walk away knowing what to say to a stockist and what overheads you should spend your money on and everything in between. It’s also the camaraderie of our member community. Everyone in our member community says how being with like-minded women, that is a safe space with people who actually care about helping each other out, is truly second to none across the globe. But, it's also because these members put the time aside, they ask questions, they turn up to coaching and they contribute by being a key part of our member community. The program works if you work it. And if you do? Then it's financially transformational.

2. I find sales overwhelming. How much time will it take each week?

You’ve got a lot on your plate as a foodpreneur trying to live life on your terms, we know this. That’s why once you join Foodpreneurs Formula, we give you a 12-month open invitation to all coaching sessions, including subsequent cohorts, and all the content in The Hub (member learning portal) and lifetime access to The Foodpreneur Coach, private member group (lifetime of the program, not mine or your lifetime) to learn from the experience of other foodpreneurs and be a part of the renowned FIF member camaraderie. Once you join, you’ll notice some members like to fly through the 8 modules in 8 weeks, others take 12 months. Either way, it doesn’t matter, it’s up to you and what your needs are. Coaching sessions are recorded so if you can’t attend a live session, you can watch the replay in your own time. Some members attend every single live session, whilst others come to the live sessions as much as they can and then watch the replays.

3. If I'm just getting started and haven’t finalised my product yet, is the program the right program for me?

You could absolutely join but the program is best suited to those who’ve already got some sales from an existing product. Foodpreneurs Formula is like no other program out there in that it helps women scale rather than start a food business. We don’t focus on product development, nutritional information, labelling or packaging. There’s plenty of start-up programs for that phase. Foodpreneurs Formula is differentiated by the distinctive way you graduate with a sales formula specifically for food and drink packaged products with a margin management framework so you get your product on MORE shelves; get your product into MORE consumers’ hands; AND put MORE money in your pocket regardless of whether you sell direct to consumer, wholesale direct or wholesale via a distributor.

4. Making sales calls, implementing promotions and writing my plans are where I get stuck and overwhelmed. I tend to stop doing what I ‘know’ I ‘should’ be doing. I need more accountability. Will you help me with that?

Yes! We know life (and our minds) get in the way and that’s why I’ve put three accountability loops into the fabric of the program. I’ve studied adult learning styles, some learn by listening, others by doing, others by watching. I have catered for each of these styles and know that your success is my success so you get all the encouragement and accountability you need to get stuff done and still feel good about yourself. No one wants to be shamed into feeling like they’ve failed to do something. That’s not how we roll at Females in Food®.

5. I spend money with so called ‘experts’ and nothing ever changes.

I know what you’re saying, so much internet, so many charlatans. I find most don’t have either the depth of experience in scaling a packaged food and drink product business or any experience in food and drink at all. Many coaches, not too many experts. I’m a food and drink scaling expert and award-winning business coach. I am a former big food sales director and whatever you’ve had to do in your food and drink business, I’ve done it multiple times before you.  

6. I can’t afford it and I would like a discount.

The program, with lifetime access to the member-only community, is on offer to you at our best-price when you pay in full upfront. This is of incredible value. I've made the program, on either payment option, absolutely affordable for foodpreneurs who are committed to landing more accounts, getting more product into more consumers’ hands and putting more money in their pocket for every food and drink product they sell. If you want access to my expertise and award-winning coaching, join the only program and member-only community created by a woman with deep industry and commercial expertise and an industry-wide little black book. And remember, your net worth is determined by your network.

7. I can't be part of a group as I don't want to give away trade secrets or share my financials therefore a group format won't work for me.

I’m a commercial expert and I haven’t gotten this far in my career without understanding the importance of what’s commercial in confidence. You can share as much, or as little, as you like about your progress and your business. It is fair to say though, that you’re part of a community in similar circumstances and the members who benefit the most from the program are those willing to be vulnerable in what is a very safe space for women in business and share what’s appropriate for them and their business growth. Also you’ll be pleased to know that I expect members to commit to a pledge of confidentiality at the beginning of the program. And remember, we are the ‘average of the five people we hang around’, so being a part of an excellent like-minded community will propel you far further than you will go alone.

9. Can I get a receipt for my payment?

As soon as you pay, a Tax Receipt is automatically generated by our payment system and emailed to you as an attachment to your email receipt. You can potentially claim the program on your tax but you’d need to speak to your tax advisor or accountant for the absolute answer to that for your individual financial circumstances.

8. Is it possible for my male business partner to participate?

Females in Food® strives to provide an inclusive environment and defines 'women' and 'female' as including all individuals who identify, or have been identified as women or female. We do invite male business partners to participate via a shared email address to access the information in our online member portal we call The Hub. This is where the program lives, that way anyone with access to that email account will access the information. We do not include men on our live coaching calls or our private member Facebook group, it’s a safe space for women only.

Ready to put more money in your pocket?

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