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Chelsea Ford

Foodpreneurs Formula® is an online group coaching program specifically designed for women building food or drink products or services, catering businesses, culinary education services or packaged meal businesses.

I work with members to give you help and frameworks on what you need to do to grow your business to the next stage along The Foodpreneur Journey™.

Formidable foodpreneurs know that it is important to stop limiting yourself by thinking you don't need help. Doing everything yourself won't pay off - it will just burn you out.

Foodpreneurs Formula® is not a one size fits all. The program takes you on the journey you need to take for your business, it's regular live coaching sessions and loads more to help you overcome the real-time hurdles you are facing in your business and get you to the next stage along The Foodpreneur Journey™.


"Avoiding financial uncertainty and growing your food and drink business requires a formula, but you need to know and execute the formula very well."


I am 100% committed to your growth.


In The Words Of Some Amazing Foodpreneurs Formula® Members.

Danny Balboa's Sauce Co.

Natalie Harris


“Since working with Chelsea our business has seen so much positive change. We now have structure and focus, and a much clearer idea of what we want and how to achieve it.

Before working with Chelsea I had this very vague notion of success and what it meant to me, Chelsea actually helped me make ‘success’ a concrete and achievable goal that we are steadily moving towards.

I feel confident and knowledgeable in a way I never did in the first years of our business (I often felt like a fraud having very little idea of what I was doing and constantly just waiting for the balls to drop) and am actually really excited about what these next few years might bring!"

Rani's Cuisine

Ranee Veerassamy


"Females in Food has enabled me to push through barriers and limitations to see greater potential than I had imagined. I now have a clearer path and understand how to think and implement changes to make my business reach its full potential."


Bec Lloyd

"Working with Chelsea has felt a bit like landing a jet plane. I know take-off would be the usual analogy but bear with me: I've gone from being distant and disconnected to committing to a destination and zooming down closer and closer to the home runway. I've been challenged to check my facts and be sure of my course. I've been inspired by those who've gone before me and those flying alongside me, and I'm excited about touching down and disembarking fully into this wonderful foodie business."


Julie Morris

Julie Morris Pinchasalt

"You're a superstar Chelsea. Love your work, mentoring knowledge, guidance, business acumen, and how you really care about your clients, and your commitment to their success. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Cristiana & Co

Cristiana Waismann

"Chelsea, your coaching program is making a huge difference to my business and my development as an entrepreneur!"

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