1. “Event” includes any type of breakfast, lunch, dinner, workshop, presentation or retreat.

2. Events are strictly adults only to ensure professionalism and a quiet working environment for all other attendees.

3. Females in Food reserves the right to exclude you from any Event should you, in Females in Food’s sole determination, become disruptive.

4. Tickets purchased for Events must be used by you, unless you transfer the ticket to someone else at least 48 hours prior to the Event.  If you do transfer the ticket, you must email us at hello@femalesinfood.com advising the name and email address of the person whom you have transferred the ticket to.  If you do not do this, the transferred ticket may not be valid.    

5. Occasionally we may need to cancel an Event.  We will make every effort to reschedule the Event.  However, in the rare and unlikely event of a cancellation without reschedule, a full refund will be paid within 10 days of notice of cancellation. Females In Food Pty Ltd will have no further liability to participants in respect to cancellation without reschedule.

6. No refunds are granted for Events.

7. Females in Food owns all intellectual property in the content and material delivered at Events.  You may not reproduce such content for your own commercial use.

8. You understand and acknowledge that Females in Food and/or its representatives may record any aspect of an Event(Recordings). Those Recordings may be in the form of audio, video or still photography, and those Recordings may be used in the production of marketing or other materials to be used by Females in Food.

9. You hereby waive any and all legal rights you may have against Females in Food in respect of Recordings of your participation in the event and grant to Females in Food the absolute right and permission to copyright and use, reuse and publish the Recordings where you may be depicted or included, in whole or in part, or composite or distorted in character or form, without restriction as to changes or alterations from time to time, or reproductions thereof in colour or otherwise, made through any medium and in any and all media now or later known, for art, advertising, trade or any other legal purpose. You also consent to the use of any printed matter in conjunction with that use.

10. You waive any right that you may have to inspect or approve the finished product or products of the Recordings or any printed matter that may be used in connection with the Recordings or the use to which it may be applied.

11. You hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless Females in Food from any and all liability that has or may occur in the making of the Recordings or any subsequent process or publication.