So what is all this Females in Food stuff about anyway?

Well…so glad you asked!…

Females in Food came about when our founder, Chelsea Ford, an expert and leader of the food and beverage industry, left an extremely successful career at some of the industry heavyweights (think Kellogg’s and Douwe Egberts for starters) and began consulting.

The more she moved away from the big end of town the more she discovered amazing innovation, exciting new technologies and rising stars (just like you) doing really fascinating things in the world of food and beverage. However, at the same time, she was having conversations with business owners who were struggling to find not only the business information they needed to get ahead, but also a support network that understood what they were going through.

Sure, there are hundreds of great networking groups out there, but none are focused on the unique needs and challenges of those in the food and beverage industry.

Think how much more progress could be made if we could connect someone currently working out of their home kitchen with a food manufacturer? What if that manufacturer had better connections with the perfect distributor? What if those running catering companies had easier access to unique foods or beverages their clients would love? What if food stylists, photographers and bloggers all had a place to connect and network?


Meet Chelsea and find out more about her vision in the video below…

The Females in Food Team

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