Cooking has an allure for many of us in the Females in Food community, it conjures beautiful childhood memories, curiosity, a sense of belonging and a deep-seated passion. Many of you speak to us about that passion; it is a shared value of the Females in Food family.

Recently a passionate Females in Food VIP member, Christine Smith, from Recipe4Change, blogged about the ritual of wearing an apron, as inspired by the bright orange apron she received from Females in Food as a VIP member. Christine spoke of her maternal lineage and their apron wearing habits. Her story involved her mother and her grandmothers back in the old country. One such grandmother housed treats for her grandchildren in the pocket of her apron, another had coins in hers. Aprons conjure up visions of the old kitchen scene and women preparing meals for their families. Kitchens were, and still are, often the place where communities are created. Even today at house parties the kitchen is often the best place to have a great conversation.

At Females in Food we believe in the magic that happens when women support women.

Females in Food empowers women regardless of what part of the industry they work in.  This community is supporting you to reach out, ask questions, find opportunities, friends and leverage the opportunity that is being created here as a source of contacts, information and inspiration.

Rowie Dillon, Founder of Rowie’s Cakes and a Females in Food VIP member, spoke last week at our networking event, ‘Flourish’. Rowie said,

“It is all about the community we create… the community we create will allow you to share, to create, to sustain and to help women in the food business. We are all in this together”.  

We couldn’t agree more with you Rowie. Community, collaboration and cooperation are all hallmarks of women and a great networking group. Together this is what we are creating here at Females in Food, a networking group specifically for women in the food and beverage industry, supporting one another. So far, in just three months, together we have laid the foundations for a great community helping each other to back ourselves as we embark on new and sometimes overwhelming journeys.

Females in Food wishes you a Merry Christmas. May your time over the festive season be peaceful and spent with people who love you.

We’d love to hear about your experiences building community. The good, bad and indifferent. Post your comments on our Facebook page here.

For those wanting to join the VIP member community, or give the gift of membership to a friend or business associate, email us here and we’ll do the rest. Be quick because membership inclusions will change in 2017. The membership will begin on 1 January 2017, ready to receive Action Resources only available to VIP’s.

Here’s what VIP member Sarah Ross of Doodles Creek said about being part of the #empoweredcollective