Do you ever wonder if you’re the only one with so many balls in the air? Do you ever think, what are others doing on this sunny day whilst I’m running around like a headless chook? I know I do. It feels never ending sometimes and I reckon most of us, in the food and beverage industry, feel the same way.

After all, it takes a large dose of passion, a bit of insanity and a lot of elbow grease to make ends meet sometimes… right?!

When I talk to people, whether they own their own business, are a sole trader, an employee or just starting out and are doing a bit of everything, they always seem to have a never-ending to do list.

Never ending.

One of the suggestions I often make is to take time out for themselves – their eyes roll. “As if” I think they are thinking, but maybe I’m wrong and it’s not time out for yourself  but rather sharing the load.

Doing business today is faster than ever before because we are wired for connection 24/7, but we’re also wired for collaboration. People in offices have been sharing work spaces for ever, way before it became an online thing, but those of us leading more creative pursuits haven’t.

Could sharing the load make your life easier?

Work spaces, kitchens included could be shared. Imagine a juice manufacturer who only needs the space Sunday – Tuesday could share with a cake decorator who only needs the kitchen Wednesday – Friday. Magic – rent halved. No cross-contamination and space fully utilised.

Or a start-up food adventure business who has lots of admin duties sharing a virtual assistant with a stylist looking for help confirming her appointments? Neither of these businesses are at a stage where they can afford or have the space for administration help but they would greatly benefit from sharing a resource with a non-competing organisation so they could really begin to scale. Boom!

Females in Food wants you to share. To connect. To reach out. To ask.  

As a Females in Food VIP member you get access to a closed Facebook group to do just that. It is in that forum women ask the burning questions that help them. From GST claims, to being a better leader, to what online business tool is better than another – so far we’ve had them all. Not a member yet?

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Chelsea and The Females in Food team

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