“I’m not like them, I’m an imposter. They’re qualified, they’re the real deal.”

“I’m just a newcomer to the industry following my passion. Who am I to pursue my dream and get what I want?”

“I’m awake all night doing head miles worrying they’ll find out I’m an imposter”.

“The last two times I met with my boss I cried. I feel he won’t take me seriously now”.

“I’m so afraid I’m teaching my daughter not to believe in herself”.

“I am being a chicken”.

“I really appreciate your understanding, of which I don’t feel I deserve”.

Real quotes from real women who believe they’re imposters. They don’t believe they are worthy of the position they hold, even when they own the business!

It’s often the most confident women who least believe in themselves.

Women who suffer from imposter syndrome may never show you or tell you that they feel this way because they think they are the only ones. These comments are from real talented, compassionate and intelligent women. They are leaders, business owners, mothers, wives, partners, sisters, aunties and friends.

Do you know someone who thinks she is an imposter? Do you think you are?

When running rough – too hungry, angry, lonely or tired (H.A.L.T.), our negative inner voice says, “I got it wrong and who do you think you are anyway???” Ouch.

Imposter syndrome can be very influential having you believe it is true. Imposter syndrome can tell you, you are not enough or worthy of what you have or what you are building. Feelings of inadequacy emerge. Don’t overcompensate by working harder and longer and be careful of that pendulum swing of feeling better-than and less-than. That pendulum swing, no matter which way it goes, never gets it right.

It takes practice to ignore that very loud imposter voice in your head. It is relentless when it wants to be and your head can be a dangerous neighbourhood if entered into alone! Becoming more comfortable with what your talents are helps with accepting the gift you have to offer the world.

Be kind to yourself today, being out in the world following your passion can be a tough gig but one worth chasing.

The Females in Food team