Got an idea? Dreaming of building a business? Want to play a bigger game?

Today is the age of entrepreneurship where anyone can do anything. Where anything is possible. Where social media makes it easy to live your purpose and chase your dreams. Right? Wrong. If it were that easy we’d all have left jobs we didn’t like or built businesses that allowed us to work from the beach whilst sipping cocktails. But we haven’t, because it just isn’t that easy.

Females in Food™ has been created to make it easy for you… or at the very least, easier.

Females in Food™ is a place of inspiration for all female artisans, leaders and innovators who want to grow and chase their dream but are struggling to do it alone, because guess what, no one can. Yes it takes hard work and a great vision, but even when you’ve got those down pat, having someone beside you who’s got your back to help you grow, makes ALL the difference.

Whether you’re a food producer, manufacturer, distributor, chef, restaurateur, stylist, blogger or anyone else in between – Females in Food™ is the community for you.

We have dedicated ourselves to creating a place for you to grow, connect, learn and be inspired.

We’ve designed specific tools and easy to access opportunities to help you grow and not feel so alone. When you are a Females in Food™ VIP member here are some of the benefits you enjoy;

  1. Action resources such as the 2017 planner that will help you grow the life you are dreaming of
  2. Educational webinars (psst… you’ve already missed the one on protecting your trademarks)
  3. 24/7 peer-to-peer support via our member only Facebook group
  4. Opportunities such as our ‘What’s Cooking’ interviews and social media posts to help you grow your profile
  5. VIP member only events with specialist suppliers and providers who you get to meet in person and seek out their specific advice; rub shoulders with members who will help you make your dream come true and obtain resources not normally available to the general public. Watch out for one of our ‘money can’t buy’ event announcements coming soon. Please note this event will only available to Females in Food VIP members.

Chasing your dreams, growing the life and business you want and living on purpose are all possible. What successful people often don’t tell you, is, they haven’t done it alone. Martha Stewart or Donna Hay might be global phenomena, but besides their name being the only one on the door, we can assure you they have a huge support crew that have helped them grow to become the household names they are today.

Put your name on the door and we won’t tell anyone you didn’t do it alone!

The Females in Food team