The Summer Fancy Food Show is a highly visited event where some of the latest and most interesting food and drink trends are showcased under the one roof.

This year, there were over 2500 exhibitors from around the world!  The “What’s New, What’s Hot” showcase featured the hottest trends in over 100 new food and beverages. New brands that are making noise and causing a stir in the food and beverage industry were also found at the Fancy Food Show.

Having our own person on the ground at the event,  VIP Member, Olivia Bates, meant we could learn about what brands really popped out and grabbed hers and our attention.

Here our the top 3 brands that were shaking things up at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show.

1. The Travelling Dietitian – Kara Landau, an Aussie who now lives in New York, has set her sites on finding the most nutritious foods from around the world and as a result, offering more options to her busy clients. Her passion stems from understanding and experiencing first hand how difficult and stressful it is to eat right when running a busy life. She recently launched Uplift Food – Good Mood Food – the world’s first dietitian created functional food brand to focus exclusively on the mood supportive benefits of prebiotic fibres and resistant starches.  From here, Kara has authored and published a book on the topic and often talks to corporations about the connection between mood and food. A revolutionary approach to food and it’s impact on our daily lives, we’re sure we’ll hear a lot more about Kara in years to come.

2. The Future Market -Taking into account the speed of which information changes, and the disruptive ways that industries get impacted, the folk at The Future Market were inspired to look way ahead and create a vision of what our world of food will look like at least 20 years from now. At the Fancy Food Show their concept food products were the centrepiece of the pop-up experience. They created over 20 conceptual food products that imagine what our grocery store shelves will look like in the face of massive food systems change.

“Each product is an exploration of what it would look like when a burgeoning food trend or technology today becomes a mass product in the future. From vertical farming, to cultured protein, to biodiversity at scale, and more, see what it looks like when bleeding-edge innovations become mainstream.”

3. Milkadamia –  Impassioned about regenerative farming that includes using natural methods to rebuild soil health is at the heart of this company. Jindilli farm nestled on the East Coast of Australia, near Byron Bay, is where the owners grow “free range” trees that help create the Macadamia Milk range of products.

Milkadamia products are GMO Free and are part of the ever-expanding food products we’re seeing created by farmers who believe in giving back to the earth, working with it rather than against it.

With sustainability at the forefront of this way of farming, it certainly has longevity on it’s side.

Keeping on top of global trends is paramount when it comes to building your food and drink business. With consumers’ growing knowledge about what they eat and drink, and their thirst for alternative products, it’s no wonder manufactures are spending more on innovation and product development.

In this blog we outlined what’s trending right now but to stay on top of all the industry news can be overwhelming. Where do you start?

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