Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Tumblr, Slideshare…

…the list goes on, and these are just some of the main ones!

There are SO many social media channels these days…how do you know which to choose?

Social media is here to stay – embrace it

Some of us love social media. Some of us hate it.

For some us, it is a vital part of our business, for others it is more of an annoyance.

But regardless of how you feel, social media is here to stay so you might as well embrace it.

How important is social media?

The level of interaction and the level of importance you need to place on social media will depend greatly on the type of business you run and the profile you want or need to build.

If you’re a food stylist, Instagram may be the perfect platform through which to showcase your work. If you’re a food manufacturer looking for a new distributor, LinkedIn could be the place for you.

However, the mistake that business owners often make, is they think they need to be on ALL of the channels, ALL of the time.

This is just not true.

What’s the key to knowing which social media channels to focus on?

The secret, quite simply, is knowing where your audience hangs out. If you have a very young target (under 25) then you’re more likely to achieve success on some of the ‘hipper’ channels like Snapchat or Instagram.

If your target is buyers in large businesses, LinkedIn might be the one for you.

Facebook is a mainstay and although the younger crowd is starting to leave in favour of Snapchat, the numbers are still growing for the older age groups (although don’t expect the level of traffic and engagement that you use to enjoy on there).

So is it really worth it?

A good social media strategy takes time and effort. BUT where else can you get free exposure!? The fact is, these days consumers are better informed than ever and will do their research before making their final purchasing decisions – if you’re not in front of them, someone else will be.

So yes, it takes time. And yes it takes effort. But you DON’T have to be everywhere, you just need to hang out where your audience are!

Bonus tip: stay tuned for upcoming posts on how to manage your social media strategy so it doesn’t take over your life!

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