At Females in Food we profile our VIP members – it’s all part of the benefits! We love spotlighting women in the industry.

Last week we profiled Veet Karen Hedley from Veet’s Cuisine. I loved reading how Kirk Nugent’s poem Pursue your Passion inspired her to follow her dreams. What a kicker of a poem, so motivational! If you haven’t already, it’s a must watch….

It had me wondering so many things, but most importantly, I lost time questioning about how can you build a business, have a social life, have family time, have enough money, have space for creativity AND have time to relax. That’s a lot. And that I’m afraid, is the familiar life so many of us women in business lead!

Is it possible to do it all?

When I was speaking to Veet about how she juggles all of that, amongst the many things she said was that despite running a great business she wasn’t really clear on what her bottom-line. What she meant by that, was how much money did she have left over once all the bills were paid and her time accounted for.  With so many balls in the air building a vegan chef training school, serving her clients, managing staff and building her online presence – no wonder!

Veet inspired me when she went on to say how she has followed her passion, and that is what we are hoping we’re doing with Females in Food – inspiring and supporting women to follow their passion whilst at the same time making ends meet.

The Females in Food community is all about connecting with other like-minded women. It is through those connections we learn and support one another, seek out opportunities and get to see that our challenges are not unique.

I thought I’d share with you some of the ways I’ve learnt to pursue my passion and at the same time, keep food on the table.

  1. Take time out, no matter how small…  it really helps unlock my creativity. When I am too close to what I am working on and I get stuck in the detail, I cannot see the bigger picture.
  2. Writing down my goals because it helps cement them in my mind and just by writing them down, even if I don’t read them ever again, it makes it that more likely that they’ll eventuate. See this Forbes article for more reading about goal setting.
  3. Tell people what I dream of… manifest it baby, manifest. I remind myself to be courageous and trust the clarity is there or will come. Once I tell people about my dream then I feel I need to follow through!!!
  4. Just start. If there’s anything I’ve learnt sinch launching Females in Food, is, there’s always more to do. Whilst it’s important to plan and prepare, there’s nothing like getting out in that arena and just doing it, and then refining … and refining. Don’t wait for the perfect moment … I don’t think they ever come.

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