Olivia Bates, founder Nourishing Bubs and member our group coaching program, the Foodpreneurs Formula™, was in New York City at the Fancy Food Show. We asked Olivia to share her experience with all of you, our beautiful community.

Here’s Liv’s insights and photos of the show

1. As part of the Fancy Food Show, they have a comprehensive education program. Priya Mittal spoke as part of the program about her company GroGreen Tech which is a platform linking farmers with restaurants and food manufacturers to make use of what is considered ugly produce.

She has spoken around the globe to world leaders about her innovation in an attempt to combat food wastage.

What’s more inspirational, she has achieved this while being not even 20.



2. The Future Market is a concept supermarket based 25 years in the future. Based on currents trends and technology and focused on addressing key issues around the food system and foodsecurity, they have developed 31 ‘mock’ products.





3. Loved seeing Milkadamia, an Australian company which uses 100% Australian Macadamias from Byron Bay to make their delicious macadamia milk.






4. Kara Landau a dietitian from Australia who is now based in New York was showcasing her new brand Uplift.

The product is currently available online in Australia and she is about to launch in the USA.

She was accepted into the Food-X accelerator program, the best of its kind and has gained funding for her product!



5. BN Foods is the private label division of Australian company Spiral Foods. Australian and fellow Females in Food VIP member Kim Norton runs this subsidiary for Spiral and was representing them at the show.

This year BN took home two SOFI awards around innovation – one for their BBQ Sauce in the barbecue sauce category and one for the Aussie Bush Run in the marinades category.




6. Meet SoFi: SoFi is the specialty award for food innovation. It is a great honour, and marketing and selling point for Food business’.






7. This picture of Coolhaus ice cream was hard to get so not great but I loved the hashtag! #Ibuywomenowned This was the most delicious ice cream and the only thing that made it that much sweeter was the little hashtag on their booth. Despite the fact there is a male in the photo, the two founders are in fact female!





In this blog we outlined what’s trending right now but to stay on top of all the industry news can be overwhelming. Where do you begin to source your knowledge?