How do you know what your customers want? Do your customers tell you? Can you read your customer’s mind? Or are you a behavioural expert?

Knowing what your customer wants is the wonder drug of any business. If it’s the key to any business, then how can you easily know what they want?

Start here. What does your customer value?

Building value into your customer offer is the key. Value is determined by the customer, that’s why it’s really important to know your customer.

Do this second. Try things out.

How did we know we wanted a camera on our phone? We didn’t, but Apple did. How did they know? They tested it in a small market. They perfected the technology. They received feedback. They perfected it some more. They launched.

Are you thinking I don’t sell to consumers, I sell to businesses? Tip – it’s the same. Human-to-human. People-to-people. People determine value not job titles or marital status.

Here’s some big names that know their customers. Foodora. Gelato Messina. Meringue Girls.

What about the guys who sliced bread?  Okay we’ve gone full circle with that one, we’re back to buying artisanal loaves we slice ourselves!!! haha.

Value creation is not a secret formula. No one comes out and says, “I value this and therefore I need that”. It isn’t until someone gives you something that you think, oh that’s great, I want more of that, or nope, I don’t want that again.

Satisfying your customer needs is understanding what they value. Creating value is a process of exchange, and in the era of major disruption and platform revolution, it really is a case of knowing your customer by listening and continual iteration.

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The Females in Food team