Change can be difficult. It can feel uncomfortable. Some say the only guarantees in life are change and taxes! Boring!

How do you get comfortable with the unknown?

Change is easier when shared with another. Don’t you find it easier when you finally tell someone what’s going on, even when you never wanted to mention it, but it bubbled over and you blurted it out?

Shock at first, then ahh…. relief.

Change is one of those things that is inevitable. Finding it hard to make the change? You’re not alone.

***Anyone in a partnership of any sort, this is for you**** Got a bad habit your partner wants you to kick you’ve been wanting to kick?

Why change can be so hard

Did you know, women run small business is on the increase and just this moment, the gender pay gap has shrunk in some industries. So these two things alone mean we’re really hustling, and with hustle comes change and with change comes challenge.

Here’s some things that you can do to keep hustling but without the challenges;

  1. Phone a friend. Isn’t a problem shared a problem halved?
  2. Join a community that supports you. What builds a community is a community.
  3. Get a coach or a mentor.
  4. Get an action buddy.
  5. Go for a walk in nature.
  6. Exercise… it relieves some of that tension.
  7. Breathe in…. and then… out.

We hope this helps.

We’d love to hear your comments on how you manage change in your life. Leave a comment below and share your experience, consider it a community service!

Happy International Women’s Day 2017. Be Bold for Change.