Hello and welcome – I’m so glad you’ve stopped by

I imagine you’re here because you’re deeply passionate about the food and drinks industry and you’ve got something amazing to offer the world. Maybe you’re wanting some inspiration to help you achieve your dream; or you’re looking for help getting your offering out there and building a successful business; or maybe you’re just looking to connect with other like-minded foodies to support you along your journey. Whatever your reason, you’ve come to the right place.

I started Females in Food because when I embarked on my own entrepreneurial journey a number of years ago I was regularly asked to coach and mentor women running food and drink businesses. During these sessions the same issues came up over and over again: women were finding it hard to achieve success; they were far too often forgoing a wage to keep their businesses afloat; and they regularly felt isolated and alone.

I mulled these issues over for a while and one day it just clicked. Why not create a platform to bring together female entrepreneurs, artisans, producers, business owners and innovators from around the world, and access a range of industry and business experts, so we can inspire and enable each other to succeed?

So in late-2016 I did it. I took a deep breath and invested my heart and soul (and very little finance!) into creating a place where women help women to live a life doing something they love.

Fast forward to today and I’m thrilled that my little idea has become a thriving community where women are profoundly and positively impacted everyday.

It truly is amazing – women are being inspired; they’re increasing their business knowledge; and they’re connecting with like-minded souls. And not only that, we have thousands of women involved – we call them our #empoweredcollective.

So who are the women in this movement?

  • They are deeply passionate about the food and drinks industry
  • They are courageous and collaborative, and believe in the power of community
  • They want to surround themselves with like-minded women and industry experts who will give them the tools and resources to succeed
  • They want to learn what they can to make their dream a reality
  • They see the value in hanging out with a niche community because they are understood and the information is always relevant
  • They will not let anything stop them from living a life they love

So if you want this for yourself too – join us. Success is not an accident; it’s something you have to create on purpose – and you don’t need to do it alone.

I’ve got your back.


Founder, Females in Food